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“The Hidden Life of Soils” card game!

There’s a new card game that shows the connections between Macrofauna, Microfauna, Megafauna, Mesofauna, Plants and Soil, and it looks like a LOT of fun!





Ok, so the macrofauna can be a little… “icky”, but I don’t think kids will care as much as most adults will. (Remember the sand worms from the movie Beetlejuice? Yeah.)
Beetle Larvae

Beetle Larvae

And if you’ve ever seen a tardigrade, you know they kinda look like little eye-less manatees with a “truncated” trunk. (oh look, a pun!)


Awww… he’s actually kinda cute.

It also brings in heavy hitters from the scientific community, including The Microscope, The Auger, Charles Darwin and Peter E. Muller.

It’s like a reunion concert without the drama or high ticket prices.

They’re free, so print the PDF now! Hidden Life of Soils card game.

And while you’re at it, go check out the website- it’s full of great information!

Have fun!